Sex prostate cancer

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Sex prostate cancer
Sex prostate cancer - New research from the University of Montreal and the Institute Armand Frappier (Canada) suggested that having more than 20 sexual partners throughout life is an effective way to prevent prostate cancer in men. The study has been published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

The study analyzed the results of “Proteus”, an investigation in which 3,208 men completed a questionnaire regarding their sexual life. Of these, 1590 were diagnosed with prostate cancer and the control group was comprised of other selected, 1,618 men.

The findings were clear: those who had sex with 20 women had a 28% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with those who had had only one partner throughout their life (monogamous, therefore) . Also had a 19% lower risk for aggressive cancers. As for homosexual relationships, this trend was completely the opposite: those who had more than 20 male partners had twice the risk of developing prostate cancer than those who had never had sex with men.

“It is possible to have many female sex partners have had more frequent ejaculations, the protective effect against prostate cancer has been observed previously in some studies,” Marie-Elise Parent, author of the study explains.

Regarding the factors that influence these differences between heterosexual and homosexual sex face to prostate cancer, scientists know yet. They believe that “could be related to increased exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, or it could be that anal intercourse produces physical trauma to the prostate,” says Patern.

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