10 interesting fact of chocolate

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A team from the Medical Center Columbia University (CUMC) have identified a new benefit of cocoa. Although more than cocoa, should speak of a bioactive substance, flavanols, which are abundant in grains of the edible vegetable and other foods, and now have demonstrated to slow the typical cognitive impairment, especially the difficulty of remembering – associated with age.

The study deserves attention also because it has also shown empirically that oversights are accentuated as we met years are directly related to the stiffness of a small area of the brain called the dentate gyrus. For three months, neuroscientists CUMC provided a diet rich in flavanol (900 mg daily) to 37 healthy people from ages 50 to 69, while the rest only took 10 mg daily.

Then they analyzed images of blood flow in their brains, and they had no doubts: the jagged turns of taking more flavanols showed increased metabolic activity. They also scored significantly higher on tests of retention.

“If a volunteer had a memory of a typical sixties before the diet rich in flavanols, at study completion could happen in this aspect by an individual 30 or 40 years,” has come to declare Scott A. Small, one of the authors of the research.

This finding adds to an earlier showing the beneficial effects of flavanols on cardiovascular health.

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